Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling
of Environmental and Technological Processes

N. Tran, U. Lüdtke

Numerical Simulation of Two-Phase Liquid Metal Interacting with Strongly Inhomogeneous Magnetic Fields


Lorentz Force Velocimetry (LFV) is a non-contact flow measurement technique for liquid metal flow developed by Thess et al. LFV relies on the basic principle of measuring the Lorentz force acting on a magnet system due to the eddy currents induced in the liquid flow. This force depends on the velocity of the liquid metal and has the same magnitue as the braking Lorentz force in the flow. The main aim of the project is to broaden the LFV technique to include two-phase local flow measurement and to numerically study the effects of two-phase fluid flow on the Lorentz force. Such bubble flow plays an important role in metallurgical processes such as ladle treatment and continuous casting and is responsible for removing inclusions as well as for deoxidizing and homogenizing the melt.

Full paper

Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Colloquim "Modelling for Materials Processing", Riga, Latvia, (2017), pp. 289-294.