Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling
of Environmental and Technological Processes

B. Halbedel, O. Kazak

Development of electromechanical principle for wet and dry milling


The paper presents a novel electromechanical principle for wet and dry milling of different materials in which the milling beads are moved under time- and local-variable magnetic field. It is shown possibility to optimize the milling process in such milling machine by simulation of the gradient of vector electromagnetic field distribution in the working chamber. The mathematical model and simulation methods based on standard software packages are worked out. The results of numerical simulations and experimental measurements of electromagnetic field in working chamber of the developed and manufactured laboratory plant are in good correlation. With the obtained operating parameter dry milling experiments with crushed cement clinker and wet milling experiments of organic agents in the laboratory plant are executed and the results are discussed.

Full paper

Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Colloquim "Modelling for Materials Processing", Riga, Latvia, (2017), pp. 223-229.