Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling
of Environmental and Technological Processes

T. Kozuka, S. Fukuda

Effect of Magnetic Field on Anodized Oxide Film without Dielectric Breakdown


Titanium and its alloys have superior properties with the aid of oxide film on the surface. Anodic oxidation is one of the processes that can improve the metal surface. TiO2 produced by anodic oxidation is expected for applications as biomaterials or functional photocatalysts. In this paper the effect of magnetic field on anodic oxidation of Ti without dielectric breakdown will be investigated for the electrolytes of sulphuric acid aqueous solution and ethylene glycol. The result shows that magnetic field can control the pore diameter and the thickness of the oxide film.

Full paper

Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Colloquim "Modelling for Materials Processing", Riga, Latvia, (2017), pp. 211-216.