Laboratory for Mathematical Modelling
of Environmental and Technological Processes

K. Surovovs, M. Plāte, J. Virbulis

High-frequency Heat Induction Modeling for a Novel Silicon Crystal Growth Method


The present work is devoted to the numerical modelling of the crucible-free growth of silicon crystals. Electromagnetic heating is performed by toroidal high-frequency (up to 2.6 MHz) inductor. The method is intended to be used for the growth of small-size (d < 20 mm) crystals. Phase boundaries were calculated in axially symmetrical approximation. However, due to the proximity of the inductor the melt flow is strong and can significantly influence the shape of the melting interface. Therefore, the additional model of the melting process was created using OpenFOAM software library. More precise interface shape and its dependence on time was obtained. Parameter studies were performed to investigate the influence of inductor current frequency and pedestal height on the growth process.

Full paper

Proceedings of the VIII International Scientific Colloquim "Modelling for Materials Processing", Riga, Latvia, (2017), pp. 37-42.