Proceedings of the International Scientific Colloquium


Rīga, September 16-17, 2010


Organizered by

University of Latvia

Leibniz University of Hannover
Scientific Committee

E. Baake
Leibniz University of Hannover
Yu. Blinov
Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University
Y. Fautrelle
INP Grenoble / CNRS
S. Lundström
Luleå University of Technology
A. Jakovičs
University of Latvia
S. Lupi
University of Padua
A. Muižnieks
University of Latvia
B. Nacke
Leibniz University of Hannover
Local Organising Committee

Dr. J. Virbulis (Chairman)
Prof. A. Jakovičs
Ms. I. Suija
University of Latvia

ESF Project at Latvia University No.:2009/0223/1DP/

Vereinigung zur Förderung des Instituts für Elektrowärme e.V. (Hannover, Germany)

Center for the Processes´ Analysis and Research, Ltd. (Rīga, Latvia)

Opening Session

Chairman: Prof. B. Nacke

Prof. I. Muižnieks, Pro-rector for Science at University of Latvia
Welcome address

Prof. A. Jakovičs

R. Friedrich
Compressible Turbulent Flows: Prediction and Analysis

V. Bojarevics, A. Roy, K. A. Pericleous
Magnetic Levitation of Large Liquid Volume

S. Rose, M. Schnick, M. Hertel, J. Zschetzsche, U. Füssel
Transient Simulation of Pulsed Gas Metal Arc Welding Processes and Experimental Validation

Session "Crystal Growth"

Chairman: Prof. A. Muižnieks

B. Nacke, S. Wipprecht
3D Electromagnetic and Thermal Modelling of the EFG Process for Silicon Tube Growth

A. Sabanskis, A. Muižnieks, A. Krauze
Modelling of Crystallization Velocity Dependence on Undercooling and Crystallographic Orientation for FZ Silicon Crystal Growth

Cramer, M. Röder, J. Pal, G. Gerbeth
A Physical Model for Electromagnetic Control of Local Temperature Gradients in a Czochralski System

A. Merah, A. Bouabdallah, F. Mokhtari, S. Hanchi, A. Alemany
Instabilities in Silicon Czochralski Crystal Growth Process in Different Geometries

U. Lacis, A. Muiznieks, A. Krauze
Simplified Dynamic Mathematical Model for Heat Transfer by Radiation and Heat Conduction

Poster Session

Chairman: Prof. J. Barglik

A. Muiznieks, A. Rudevics, H. Riemann, U. Lacis
Comparison between 2D and 3D Modelling of HF Electromagnetic Field in FZ Silicon Crystal Growth Process

F. Mokhtari, A. Bouabdallah, A. Merah, S. Hanchi, A. Alemany
Numerical Study of the Effect of Transverse Magnetic Field on Cylindrical and Hemispherical CZ Crystal Growth of Silicon

K. Lacis, A. Muiznieks, A. Rudevics, A. Sabanskis
Numerical Aspects of Modelling of Coil System for Rotating Magnetic Field

B. Ubbenjans, Ch. Frank-Rotsch, J. Virbulis, B. Nacke, P. Rudolph
Influence of Ultrasonic Treatment on Crystal Growth from Melt

Ya. Kompan, I. Protokovilov, Y. Fautrelle, Yu. Gelfgat, A. Bojarevics
Magnetically Controlled Electroslag Melting of Titanium Alloys

M. Hertel, M. Schnick, U. Füssel, S. Gorchakov, D. Uhrlandt
Numerical Simulation of GMAW Processes Including Effects of Metal Vapour and Sheath Mechanisms at the Electrodes

J. Neumeyer, M. Mach, B. Nacke
Numerical Simulation of Induction Assisted Hybrid Welding Processes

M. Zlobina, B. Nacke, S. Galunin, Yu. Blinov, A. Nikanorov
Induction Heating for Aluminum Extrusion Process: Concepts, Simulation, Design

K. Van Reusel, M. Manconi
Stability in Position and in Temperature for a Conical and a Cylindrical Levitator

V. Geza, U. Krieger, A. Jakovics, B. Halbedel
Influence of Material Properties on the Electromagnetic Homogenization of Glass Melt in the Special Melter

R. Ž. Milenković, S. Dementjevs, J. Patorski
Recent Calculations and Experiments for Liquid Metal Targets Development at PSI

U. Schadewald, B. Halbedel, M. Ziolkowski, H. Brauer
The Manipulation of Paramagnetic Ions by Magnetic Field Gradient Forces

J. Cīmurs, J. Evertovskis, S. Lācis
Dipole Approximation Limits for Magnetic Interaction Forces between Spheres

S. Spitans, A. Jakovics
Turbulence Model Affect on Heat Exchange Characteristics through the Beam Window for European Spallation Source

I. Barmina, M. Zake
Effects of Magnetic Field on Swirling Flame

Arshanitsa, I. Barmina, A. Andersone, G. Telysheva, M. Zake
Processing and Complex Research of the Main Characteristics of Pelletized Lignocellulosic Materials for Clean and Effective Energy Production

P. Mannberg, K. Giannadakis, A. Jakovics, J. Varna
Moisture Absorption and Degradation of Glass Fiber/Vinylester Composites

J. Grečenkovs, A. Jakovičs, S. Gendelis
3D Numerical Analysis of Heat Exchange in Building Structures with Cavities

A. Gedroics, H. Kalis, I. Kangro
About of Blow-up Phenomena for Nonlinear Heat Transfer Problem Between Two Infinite Coaxial Cylinders

M. Lencmane, A. Buikis
Analytical Two - Dimensional Solution for Transient Process in the System with Rectangular Fins

A. Piliksere, A. Buikis
Analytical Solution for Intensive Quenching of Cylindrical Sample

Session "Heating & Melting"

Chairman: Prof. S. Lupi

M. Jestremski, H. Schülbe, A. Nikanorov, B. Nacke
Numerical Investigation of Transverse-Flux Induction Heating of Ferromagnetic Strip

M. Bullo, M. Forzan, S. Lupi, C. Pozza
Recent Investigations on LELs for Levitation Melting

S. Galunin, M. Zlobina, Yu. Blinov, A. Nikanorov, B. Nacke
Numerical Optimization as an Effective Approach to Modern Design of Induction Heating Installations

A. Kharicha, A. Ludwig
Liquid-Liquid Interface Instability in the Electro-Slag Remelting Process

Session "Lorentz Force"

Chairman: Dr. U. Lüdtke

A. Alferenok, U. Lüdtke
Numerical Simulation and Magnet System Optimization for the Lorentz Force Velocimetry (LFV) of Low-Conducting Fluids

M. Kirpo, T. Boeck, A. Thess
Eddy Current Interaction of a Magnetic Dipole with a Translating Solid Bar

U. Lüdtke, A. Kelm, B. Halbedel, U. Krieger
Numerical Simulation of Lorentz Force Enhanced Flow Patterns within Glass Melts

M. Werner, B. Halbedel, E. Rädlein
Numerical Study of Magnet Systems for Lorentz Force Velocimetry in Electrically Low Conducting Fluids

Session "Metallurgical Applications"

Chairman: Prof. E. Baake

K. Timmel, X. Miao, D. Lucas, S. Eckert, G. Gerbeth
Experimental and Numerical Modelling of the Steel Flow in a Continuous Casting Mould under the Influence of a Transverse DC Magnetic Field

S. Spitans, A. Jakovics, E. Baake, B. Nacke
Numerical Modelling of Free Surface Dynamics of Melt in Induction Crucible Furnace (ICF)

E. Baake, A. Jakovics, S. Pavlovs, M. Kirpo
Numerical Analysis of Turbulent Flow and Temperature Field in Induction Channel Furnace with Various Channel Design

M. Ščepanskis, A. Jakovičs, B. Nacke
Homogenization of Alloying Particles in Induction Crucible Furnaces

Session "Technology Development"

Chairman: Prof. Y. Fautrelle

R. Ž. Milenković, S. Dementjevs, M. Wohlmuther
Recent Computations and Experiments for Water-Cooled Rod Bundle Targets Development at PSI

I. Kaldre, Y. Fautrelle, J. Etay, A. Bojarevics, L. Buligins
Investigation of Liquid Phase Motion Generated by the Thermoelectric Current and Magnetic Field Interaction

V. Geza, R. Milenkovic, S. Dementjev, R. Kapulla, A. Jakovics
PIV Validation of Numerical Models for Turbulent Flows in a Water Test Section for Liquid Metal Target

Barmina, M. Purmalis, J. Valdmanis, M. Zake
Electric Field Effects on the Combustion Characteristics of Renewable Fuel

Session "Rotating Magnetic Field"

Chairman: Dr. G. Gerbeth

I. Grants, G. Gerbeth
Suppression of Temperature Fluctuations by Rotating Magnetic Field in a Large Scale Rayleigh-Bénard Cell

J. Barglik, D. Dołęga, A. Smagór
Coupled Temperature-Electromagnetic – Flow Fields in Electromagnetic Stirrer with Rotating Magnetic Field

B. Mikhailovich
Rotational MHD Flow under Crossed Electrical and Magnetic Fields

A. Bojarevičs, T. Beinerts
Experiments on Liquid Metal Flow Induced by Rotating Magnetic Dipole Moment

Session "Multiphase Processes"

Chairman: Dr. J. Virbulis

S. Johansson, V. Geza, L.G. Westerberg, A. Jakovics
Characteristics of Flow and Temperature Distribution in a Ruthner Process

A. L. Ljung, V. Frishfelds, T. S. Lundström, B. D. Marjavaara
Heat Transport in Drying of Iron Ore Pellets in a Two-Dimensional Bed

T. Sile, J. Virbulis, A. Timuhins, J. Sennikovs, U. Bethers
Modelling of Cavitation and Bubble Growth during Ultrasonic Cleaning Process

D. Goško, S. Lācis
Magnetorheological Suspension Composed of Fiber Particles: Numerical Simulation of Anisotropic Behavior