4th International Scientific Colloquium
Modelling for Material Processing

Riga, June 8-9, 2006

University of Latvia

University of Hannover


Latvian Council of Science

COST Action P17

Center of Processes´ Analysis and Research, Ltd.

Vereinigung zur Förderung des Instituts für Elektrowärme e.V.

Scientific Committee

Prof. J. Blinov
El. University of St. Petersburg

Prof. A. Cebers
University of Latvia

Prof. A. Jakovics
University of Latvia

Prof. H. Kalis
University of Latvia

Prof. S. Lundstroem
University of Tech., Lulea

Prof. S. Lupi
University of Padua

Prof. A. Muehlbauer
University of Hannover

Prof. A. Muiznieks
University of Latvia

Prof. B. Nacke
University of Hannover

Organising Committee

Dr. J. Virbulis

Prof. A. Jakovics

Dr. U. Bethers

Ms. I. Podjavo

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June 7

18:00 - 19:30

20:00 - 22:00
Welcome cocktail

June 8

9:00 - 10:30 Opening Session
Chairman: Prof. B. Nacke

Welcome address (Prof. M. Auzins and Prof. B. Nacke)

A. Muehlbauer
Innovative Induction Melting Technologies: A Historical Review

A. Ciobanas, A. Noeppel, XD Wang, K. Zaidat, Y. Fautrelle, A. Weiss,
G. Zimmermann

Influence of Forced/Natural Convection on Segregation During the Directional Solidification of Binary Alloys

V. Bojarevics, K. Pericleous
Droplet Formation with Electromagnetic Pulse Force

10:30 - 11:00 Coffee break

11:00 - 12:20 "Liquid Metals I" (COST Action)
Chairman: Prof. Y. Fautrelle
12:20 - 13:30 Lunch

13:30 - 14:50 Poster Session
Chairman: Prof. E. Baake

M. Abricka, Yu. Gelfgat, J. Krumins
Heat and Mass Transfer in a Cylindrical Vessel with the Melt Exposed to the Influence of Combined Electromagnetic Fields

Yu. Gelfgat, A. Mikelsons, J. Krumins, A. Pedchenko
On the Transversal end Effect in the Linear Induction Pump with Large Non-magnetic Gaps

M. Mach, P. Karban, I. Dolezel, D. Trutwin
Stirring of Liquid Steel in Crucible Induction Furnace

B. Nacke, M. Kudryash, T. Behrens, B. Niemann, D. Lopukh, A. Martynov,
S. Chepluk

Induction Skull Melting of Oxides and Glasses in Cold Crucible

P. Karban, M. Mach, I. Dolezel, J. Barglik
Continual Surface Induction Hardening of Profile Prismatic Steel Bodies

H. Kalis, Sh. Guseinov
Calculations of the Thermal-conductivity Coefficients for 1-D Heat Transfer Inverse Problems

A. Timuhins, S. Gendelis, A. Jakovics
Experimental Estimation of Thermophysical Properties of Materials

A. Pechenkov, I. Pozniak, A. Shatunov, Yu. Petrov
Measurement of High Frequency Voltage, Current and Power Factor of Inductor

B. Utegulov, A. Utegulov, Z. Tursynbaeva, N. Meged, B. Begentayev
1000 volts Asymmetrical Network with Insulated Neutral Isolation Parameters Automatic Estimation Method

B. Utegulov, V Markovskiy, E. Shakhman, G. Demessinova, G. Gassanova
Calculation Technique of Operating Currents and the Offset of Magnetically Controlled Contacts Protection from Interference Effect

S. Lacis, D. Goshko
Static Yield Stress Analysis in MR Suspensions by 2D and 3D FEM

I. Javaitis
Physics of Elastic Magnetic Filaments

14:50 - 15:20 Coffee break

15:20 - 16:20 "Semiconductor technology I" (COST Action)
Chairman: Prof. A. Muehlbauer

W. Miller, Ch. Frank-Rotsch, M. Nuebert, D. Vizman, D. Davis, E. Baensch,
U. Rehse

Temperature Oscillations in InP Melt During Czochralski Growth: 3D Direct Numerical Simulation Study

U. Bethers, J. Sennikovs, A. Timuhins, J. Virbulis, D. Zablockis
Modelling of Surface Diffusion in Structured Silicon

A. Muiznieks, A. Krauze
3D Transient LES Modeling of Turbulent Melt Flow in a Laboratory Model for Large CZ Industrial Silicon Crystal Growth Systems

16:20 - 16:40 Coffee break

16:40 - 18:00 "Porous materials"
Chairman: Prof. T.S. Lundstroem
20:00 Colloquium dinner

June 9

9:00 - 10:20 "Semiconductor technology II" (COST Action)
Chairman: Prof. A. Muiznieks

A. Muiznieks, A. Rudevics, K. Lacis, H. Riemann, A. Luedge, F.W. Schulze,
B. Nacke

Square-like Silicon Crystal Rod Growth by FZ Method with Especially 3D Shaped HF Inductors

H. Kasjanow, A. Nikanorov, B. Nacke, H. Behnken, D. Franke, A. Seidl
Three Dimensional Coupled Simulation of Induction Heated EFG Crystallisation Process

M. Forzan, G. Maccalli, G. Valente, D. Crippa
Design of an Innovative Heating Process System for the Epitaxial Growth of Silicon Carbide Layers Wafer

A. Rudevics, A. Muiznieks, B. Nacke, V. Mihnevics
Development of Specialized Modelling Tools for Crystal Growth Processes

10:20 - 10:50 Coffee break

10:50 - 12:10 "Liquid Metals II" (COST Action)
Chairman: Prof. A. Jakovics
12:10 - 13:40 Lunch

13:40 - 15:00 "Oxides & Melting"
Chairman: Prof. D. Schulze
15:00 - 15:30 Coffee break

10:50 - 12:10 "Induction & Heating"
Chairman: Prof. S. Lupi

A. Buikis, Sh. Guseinov, M. Buike
Modelling of Intensive Steel Quenching Process by Time Inverse Hyperbolic Heat Conduction

B.B. Utegulov, I.V. Zakharov, A.D. Izhikova
Resonant Mode of Inductors with Reactive Power Self-compensation

S. Galunin, M. Zlobina, Yu. Blinov, A. Nikanorov, T. Zedler, B. Nacke
Electrothermal Modelling and Numerical Optimization of Induction System for Disk Heating

B. Utegulov, A. Utegulov, A. Jumadirova, S. Jangaziev, E. Shahman,
M. Dubovik, G. Demessinova

Analysis of Petri Net of Isolation State and Single-phase Ground Short Circuit Control Device in 6-10 kV Electric Networks

18:00 Guided sightseeing in Old Riga