Proceedings of the International Scientific Colloquium


Hannover, October 27-29, 2008



Leibniz University of Hannover

University of Latvia

COST Action P17 EPM

Center of Process Analysis and Research GmbH, Riga, Latvia

Freundeskreis der Leibniz Universität Hannover e.V.

Vereinigung zur Förderung des Instituts für Elektrowärme e.V., Hannover
Scientific Committee

E. Baake
Leibniz University of Hannover

J. Barglik
Silesian Univerity of Katowice

Y. Blinov
Electrotechnical University St. Petersburg

A. Jakovics
University of Latvia

S. Lupi
University of Padua

A. Muiznieks
University of Latvia

B. Nacke
Leibniz University of Hannover
Organising Committee

Prof. Dr. E. Baake (Chairman)
Leibniz University of Hannover

Mrs. B. Alaybeyoglu (Secretary)
Leibniz University of Hannover

Mr. S. Wipprecht
Leibniz University of Hannover

Welcome address
(Prof. Bernard Nacke and Prof. Egbert Baake)


J.D. Lavers
State of the Art of Numerical Modelling for Electromagnetic Processing of Metallic Material

A. Seidl
Numerical simulation - an important tool for industrial processing of bulk semiconductor crystals


A. Thess, E. Votyakov, B. Knaepen, O. Zikanov
Theory and numerical simulations of the Lorentz force flowmeter (abstract)

W. Andree
High Powered Induction Crucible Furnaces / Experience with 16 MW Installations

V. Bojarevics, G. Djambazov, K. Pericleous
Vacuum Arc Remelting Time Dependent Modelling

A. Rückert, H. Pfeifer
Mathematical Modelling of the Flow Field, Temperature Distribution, Melting and Solidification in the Electrolslag Remelting Process

M. Langejürgen, M. Kirpo, A. Jakovics, E. Baake
Numerical Simulation of Mass and Heat Transport in Induction Channel Furnaces


S. Lupi, M. Forzan, A. Aliferov
Characteristics of Installations for Direct Resistance Heating of Ferromagnetic Bars of Square Cross-section

N. El-Kaddah, T. T. Natarajan
An Optimal Method for 3-D Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Induction Heating Processes

S. Galunin, M. Zlobina, K. Blinov, A. Nikanorov, T. Zedler, B. Nacke
Numerical analysis of coupled physics for induction heating of movable workpieces

F. Dughiero, M. Forzan, C. Greggio
Shielding of EM fields in induction heating and melting installations

A. Ulferts, B. Nacke
ALUHEAT - A superconducting approach of an aluminium billet heater

ORAL SESSION 3, Crystal Growth

P. Rudolph, Ch. Frank-Rotsch, F.-M. Kiessling, W. Miller, U. Rehse, O. Klein, Ch. Lechner, J. Sprekels, B. Nacke, H. Kasjanow, P. Lange, M. Ziem, B. Lux, M. Czupalla, O. Root, V. Trautmann, G. Bethin
Crystal growth in heater-magnet modules - from concept to use

A. Krauze, A. Rudevics, A. Muiznieks, A. Sabanskis, N. Jekabsons, B. Nacke
Unsteady 3D LES modeling of turbulent melt flow with AC traveling EM fields for a laboratory model of the CZ silicon crystal growth system

O. Klein, Ch. Lechner, P.-É. Druet, P. Philip, J. Sprekels, Ch. Frank-Rotsch, F.-M. Kießling, W. Miller, U. Rehse, P. Rudolph
Numerical simulations of the influence of a traveling magnetic field, generated by an internal heater-magnet module, on Czochralski crystal growth

M.Wünscher, A. Lüdge and H. Riemann
Crucible-free Crystal Growth of Silicon and Germanium – Numerical Simulation and Check by Experiments

A. Rudevics, K. Lacis, A. Muiznieks, N. Jekabsons, B. Nacke
Using of open source code library OpenFOAM for 3D magnetohydrodynamic calculations in semiconductor crystal growth technologies

ORAL SESSION 4, Hardening

J. Barglik, J. Arendarska, D. Dołęga, A. Smagór
Numerical modelling of induction hardening of steel bodies

F. Dughiero, M. Forzan
Electromagnetic Thermal Metallurgical Models for Induction Hardering (abstract)

T. Zedler, A. Nikanorov, B. Nacke
Investigation of relative magnetic permeability as input data for numerical simulation of induction surface hardening

K. Svendsen, S.T. Hagen
Thermo-Mechanical Fatigue Life Estimation of Induction Coils


K. Spragg, A. Sneyd and Y. Fautrelle
Mathematical analysis of the oscillations of a liquid metal drop submitted to low frequency magnetic fields

Ch. Karcher, V. Minchenya
Control of free-surface instabilities during electromagnetic shaping of liquid metals

E. Sauvage, A. Gagnoud, Y. Fautrelle, P. Brun, J. Lacombe
Thermoconvective instabilities of molten glass heated by direct induction in a cold crucible

D. Hectors, E. Toorman, K. Van Reusel
Modelling of Levitation Melting using a Fixed Mesh Method

P. Schetelat, J. Etay
Electromagnetic Stirring Effect on Thermal Conductivity of a Levitated Sample

ORAL SESSION 6, Solidification Processes

J.D. Lavers, L.S. Beitelman, G.R. Tallbäck, C.P. Curran
A Dual EMS System for Stirring Liquid Metals at an Advanced Solidification Stage

J. Dagner, J. Friedrich, G. Müller
Influence of a rotating magnetic field to the microstructure of directional solidified Aluminum–Silicon alloys – comparison of experiment and simulation

A. Noeppel, O. Budenkova, Y. Fautrelle
Numerical investigation of the influence of forced convection induced by a travelling magnetic field during solidification of metallic alloys

S. Binder, D. M. Herlach, J. Gao
Undercooling and solidification of liquid metals under different conditions of convection (abstract)

T. Kozuka, K. Shimomai, T. Kenjo, M. Kawahara
Effect of Intense Magnetic Field on Electro-deposited Thin Film of CdTe

ORAL SESSION 7, Induction assisted Laser Technologies

A. Jahn, M. Krätzsch, B. Brenner
Induction assisted laser beam welding of HSLA steel sheets

S. Sorrentino
Weldability and mechanical behaviour of induction assisted thick welds in high strength steel

R. Rosenfeld, D. Herzog, A. Ostendorf, H. Haferkamp
Laser welding of heat treatable steel during induction hardening

M. Mach, H. Schülbe, B. Nacke
Modeling and optimization of induction assisted welding processes

ORAL SESSION 8, Optimisation & Control

V. Fireţeanu, M. Popa, S. Paşca
Optimal Parameters of One-side Traveling Field Inductors for Stirring and Pumping Applications

Yu. Pleshivtseva, E. Rapoport, A. Efimov, B. Nacke, A. Nikanorov
Special Method of Parametric Optimization of Induction Heating Systems

A. Walther
Induction Billet Heaters with Enthalpy Controlled Zone Heating

R. Juergens, H. Behrens
Electromagnetic strip stabilization in galvanizing lines

ORAL SESSION 9, Material Processing

M. Kirpo, A. Jakovics, E. Baake, B. Nacke
Particle transport in recirculated EM driven liquid metal flows

A. Cramer, X. Zhang, and G. Gerbeth
Model experiments on macroscopic thermoelectromagnetic convection

N. Dropka, Ch. Frank-Rotsch, W. Miller, U. Rehse, P. Rudolph
TMF´s in Crystal Growth and Solidification of Semiconductors, Oxides and Fluorides

I. Pozniak, A. Pechenkov, M. Kydryash, B. Nacke
3D modeling of electromagnetic processes in induction system with cold crucible (abstract)

A. Jakovics, V. Geza, B. Halbedel
Crossed EM Fields Driven Weak Conducting Flow in Annular Cylinder

B. Niemann, B. Nacke, M. Kudryash
Investigation of mass and heat transfer of molten glass in the inductor-crucible


D. Cepite, A. Jakovics, B. Halbedel
Modelling convective and radiative heat transfer in a glass melting model crucible

V. Frishfelds, A. Jakovics, B. Nacke, E. Baake
Estimation of Temperature Difference and Integral Flow through Channel of ICF

V. Geza, A. Jakovics, K. Thomsen
Heat Exchange and Operating Gas Flow Influence on Radiation Resistant Pressure Sensor Properties

V. Minchenya, Ch. Karcher, Y. Kolesnikov, A. Thess
Calibration of the Lorentz Force Flowmeter

Yu. M. Mironov
Electrodynamic Interactions in Arc Furnaces of a Direct Current (abstract)

K. Lacis, A. Muiznieks, N. Jekabsons, A. Rudevics, G. Ratnieks, B. Nacke
Unsteady 3D and analytical analysis of segregation process in FZ Si single crystal growth

S. Pasca, T. Vesselenyi, V. Fireteanu
Transient Phenomena in Electromagnetic Forming Processes

I. Pozniak, A. Pechenkov, S. Suvorov, A. Zuev, B. Nacke, B. Niemann, M. Kudryash
Liquid phase synthesis of lanthanum chromite in induction furnace with slitted cupper crucible

K. Svendsen, S.T. Hagen
Thermal Modeling of an Induction Coil; Model vs Experiment

A. Umbrashko, E. Baake, A. Jakovics
Melt Flow and Skull Formation Modelling Possibilities for TiAl Melting Process in Induction Furnace With Cold Crucible

A. Izhikova, I. Zakharov, B. Utegulov, G. Demessinova
Calculation of energy characteristics of the inductor with reactive power self-compensation

S. Wipprecht, H. Kasjanow, B. Nacke
3D electrical and thermal simulation of a resistance heated EFG system

M. Zlobina, B. Nacke, A. Nikanorov
Adaptive Induction System for Heating of Aluminium Billet by Rotation in DC Magnetic Field