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December, 2012

Senior researcher of the Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland) Dr. K. Thomsen presents the current research activities of the Institute to the students of Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, which is the partner of Institute for several years.

October, 2012

Our laboratory participated in the exhibition "Environment and Energy" held in Riga. Visitors were introduced to the latest ERDF co-financed project in the field of building energy efficiency research.

October, 2012

Stanislavs Gendelis has successfully defended his PhD thesis "Complex Analys of Thermophysical Processes in Buildings" during the session of the specialized Promotion Board in Physics and Astronomy of the University of Latvia on 12 October, 2012 (scientific supervisor A. Jakovics). Thus, the number of PhDs in the laboratory increased to 6.

March, 2012

Scientific workshop took place in our laboratory, where Michael Werner Dr. Bernd Halbedel from Ilmenau University of Technology, and Jose Torres take part.

October, 2011

An international scientific workshop "Multiphysical Modelling in OpenFOAM" took place in the University of Latvia. The workshop is being financially supported by the Baltic-German University Liason Office, ESF project (contact No. 2009/0223/1DP/ and "Center of Processes´ Analysis and research", Ltd and organized by our laboratory.

Six invited speakers from Germany and Russia, as well as 15 OpenFOAM users have presented the lectures and short reports. Overall, the seminar was attended by more than 40 participants. Summaries of papers and presentations were summarized in the workshop proceedings.

February, 2011

Andrejs Umbraško has successfully defended his PhD thesis "Heat and mass transfer in electromagnetically driven recirculated turbulent flows" during the session of the specialized Promotion Board in Physics and Astronomy of the University of Latvia on 15 February, 2011 (scientific supervisor A. Jakovičs). Experimental part of the work was carried out in the Institute of Electrotechnology, Leibniz University of Hannover. Since 2010 A. Umbraško is working in "ABP Induction Systems GmbH" (Dortmund), an Europe leading manufacturer of electric device for metallurgy.

January, 2011

TEMPUSDuring the period from November 2010 to October 2012 our laboratory participating in the TEMPUS project "PhD Education in Energy Efficient Electrotechnologies at Russian Universities" (project no. 511086-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR). The project coordinator is our perennial partner - Institute of Electrotechnology of Leibniz Universität Hannover (leader prof. B. Nacke). Partners in the project implementation together with the Latvian University are Padua University in Italy and the Technical University of Silesia in Poland. The project partners inRussiaare St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, Samara State Technical University, Novosibirsk State Technical University and the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk.

More information you can find here

September, 2010

MMP2010 The 6th international colloquium "Modelling for Modelling Processing" has been organized by our laboratory and Institute of Electrotechnology, University of Hannover (Germany).

66 participants from Algeria, Belgium, Germany, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, UK and Ukraine took part in this colloquium. About 50 reports and posters on crystal growth, heating and melting, Lorentz force, metallurgical applications, technology development, rotating magnetic field and multiphase processes were presented.

All papers are published in the proceedings as well as in the CD, which content is available also on our homepage.

The next scientific colloquium from modelling series organized by University of Latvia and University of Hannover is planned in Hannover.

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More information about colloquium, proceedings and photos from the event are available in "Conferences" section.

Septembrer, 2010

Our laboratory in cooperation with Institute of Electrotechnology (University of Hannover, Germany) have was organized PhD course "Modelling for Modelling Processing" in the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, University of Latvia.

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More information about the course and photos from the event are available in "Conferences" section.

May-June, 2010

On 31st May and 1st June the expert group "Steelmaking" of Research Fund for Coal and Steel (RFCS) held their annual meeting and discuss of fund-financed project implementation evaluation in Univeristy of Latvia. The head of our laboratory, A. Jakovics is the member of this expert group.

On the second day the participants visited the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, where our faculty was presented by dean L. Buligins. Our laboratory research work in field of multi-physical metallurgical process modelling was presented by A. Jakovics, S. Pavlov, M. Scepanskis, V. Geza and S. Spitans, causing interest in the results.

Maijs, 2010

Professor Jānis Vārna from Luleå Technical University Polymer Engineering Department will carry out research work in the laboratory from May to August in the frame of ESF-funded project "Atomic and technological environment of continuous physical process modeling, mathematical methods of quality improvement and research".

May, 2010

Siemens From 19 to 22 May four laboratory researchers participated in the international scientific symposium "Heating by Electromagnetic Sources" (HES-10) in Padova (Italy).

PhD student Mihails Ščepanskis previously successfully participated in the conference theme-related doctoral courses.

January, 2010

Siemens Werner von Siemens Excellence Award 2009 went to the laboratory researcher Maksims Kirpo on promotion work "Modeling of Turbulence and Particle Transport Properties in Recirculated Flow".
More information see www.lu.lv.

December, 2009

Foundation of multidisciplinary scientific group for development of system of models for underground water research


November, 2009

Latvian University Rector Marcis Auzins greets Morberg´s scholarship winner, our laboratory employee, Sergejs Spitans

October, 2009

Our laboratory demonstrated climate and weather forecast models, as well as newest methods and attainments for the building energy efficiency assessment in the exhibition "Enegy and Environment 2009".

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August, 2009

The next traditional 6th international scientific colloquium "Modelling for Material Processing" organized by LU VTPMML and Institute of Electrotechnology of Leibniz University Hannover will take place in Riga at 16-17 September, 2010.

July, 2009

Laboratory researcher Staņislavs Gendelis and scientific assistant Daiga Cepīte has successfully passed the examination and qualified for buildings energy auditors.

January, 2009

Laboratory researcher Maksims Kirpo has successfully defended his PhD thesis "Modeling of Turbulence Properties and Particle Transport in Recirculated Flows" and received Doctor´s degree in Physics (Mechanics of Liquids and Gases) during the session of the specialized Promotion Board in Physics and Astronomy of the University of Latvia on 6 Janiary, 2009.

The scientific advisor - A. Jakovičs, reviewers of the work - I. Bucenieks (Institute of Physics, Latvia), Y. Fautrelle (Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France) and A. Muižnieks (University of Latvia).

Therefore, the number of doctors of physics has increased to six in the laboratory.