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of Environmental and Technological Processes

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Developed sofware

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Technological processes
DataProc Processing of heat transfer coefficient U measurement data by original mathematical methodology. The process could be controlled visually
HeatMod* Software for modelling of heat consumption of building manipulating various reference parameters. Calculation method LBN 002-01. Heterogenous wall construction calculus
Isis Software for the control, experimental data storing and vizualisation using "hot plate" method
Ptah Software fot the modelling of moisture regime in the building structures

UMeas Registration and collection of various heat transfer coefficient measurement data using the computer with multifunctional mesuring card
Environmenral processes
HiFiGeo* Software for creating and visualisation of 3D geological structures, modelling groundwater flows by 3D finite elements method, management and visualisation of data on survey, relief and monitoring wells
Swevolver* Software for non-steady shallow water calculation of wave, elevation, currents, sediment transport, morphodynamical, passive and reacting tracers, E.Coli, and COD fields
HiFiLogger* Software for control of the operation of one to two oceanographic probes (measuring or profiling depth, temperature, conductivity, oxygen contents)
FiStomach* Software for control of the automated stomach pH-metric system St-12 and portative pH-meters designed for diagnostic surveys in stomach medicine
GeoConv Software for conversion of the co-ordinates between different geodetic co-ordinate systems (reference ellipsoids, and cartographic projections)
MeshEditor* Software for the multi-functional 2D finite element mesh generation, editing and joining with the bathimetric (stratigraphic) information
FiData* Database management software for organising, input, selection, visualising, analysis and I/O operations with the data from the monitoring system of the filtration regime beneath and powerhouse mechanics of the Plavinas HPP
HeliFlow* Software for non-steady modelling of 1D river hydraulics, water quality and river ecosystem (oxygen, organic and inorganic phosphorus and nitrogen compounds, COD, BOD, Chlorophyll-a)  
CRAST Software package for 1D (along cross-shore profile) modelling of wave transformations, longshore currents, and littoral drift
Animation Viewer Software for organising and prewiev of frame (slide) shows created by another software applications as Swevolver, or HiFiGeo  

* in collaboration with PAIC, Ltd.