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Developed and available measuring equipment

Description Applications Photo Info
Infrared camera Measurements and visualization of surface temperature
Solar radiation measuring system Solar heat permeability determination for transparent constructions
Heat conductivity measuring system with "hot plate" method (using software Isis) Determination of heat conductivity l for various materials (incl. isolating materials)  
Thermic chamber with heaters/cooler and computerized measuring system Determination of heat transfer coefficient U for building structures (windows, doors, etc.) in laboratory conditions  
Oceonographic zond with interface unit and software (HiFiLogger) Oceanographic research, monitoring   *
Computer system for measuring heat flux and temperatures Determination of heat transfer coefficient U of building elements (walls, roofs, windows, etc.)
Computer system for distanced measuring of heat fluxes, temperatures and temperatures Determination of heat transfer coefficient U of building elements (walls, roofs, windows, etc.)
Equipment for super/sub pressure (Blower Door) Standartised measurement of air exchange coefficient (n), and packing degree of building and its blocks
Equipment for artificial brume (smoke machine) Visualisation of air leakage from buildings, that could be effectively used togteher with super-pressure equipment and thermovisor
Automated measurement instruments with gathering of data (ALMEMO 2290-8, ALMEMO 2960) and sensors for temperature, humidity, saturation point, flux velocity of air, oxygen content, etc. Determination of climatic parameters of buildings
Measuring instrument of infrared rays with laser backsight and connection to computer Measurement of temperature from a distance for building constructions, metallurgy, etc. Gathering of temperature data  
Equipment for measuring of physical quantities: digital measuring instruments, signal generators, osciloscops, counters of frequency, high-power measuring cards, etc. Various kinds of experiments  
Measuring system for stomach medicine - system ST-12 for the diagnostics of gullet and stomach secretion; automated system for measuring of the pH level Automated gastro-enterological diagnostics  

* Exhibited in "Hannover Messe 2001" and in the international exhibition "Research. Technologies. Innovation. 2001"