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Associate Professor, Dr. Phys. Andris Jakovičs

Name Andris Jakovičs
Date of birth August 12, 1950
Latvian native
German, Russian fluent
English intermediate
1990-1993 post-graduation habilitation studies at the UL
1975-1977 post-graduation studies at the UL
1968-1973 the University of Latvia (UL), Faculty of Physics and Mathematics
1957-1968 the first secondary school of Aluksne
1992 Dr. Phys.(Latvia)
1979 Dr. Phys. (U.S.S.R), mechanic of fluids and gases
1973 Dipl. Phys.
Pedagogical career
since 1973 Assistant, main lecturer, docent, assoc. professor at UL, Faculty of Physics and mathematics.
Leader of the courses of electrodynamics, computer sciences and numerical methods
Research work
since 2001 leader of a scientific contract with University of Hannover about the development of electroheat equipment
1999-2002 leader of a scientific project with GKSS National Research Centre (Germany) about the modelling of steam stripping processes in a tube reactor
since 1994 director of “Center for processes’ analysis and research”, Ltd.
since 1994 head of the Laboratory for Mathematical modelling of environmental and technological processes at UL
1992-2000 leader of a scientific contract with ABB (Germany) about different aspects of melting technology in induction furnaces
since 1992 leader of scientific projects about
- water circulation, processes of sedimentation and erosion;
- modelling and measurement of the heat transfer processes in buildings;
- transfer processes of metal vapour in porous media in the EM-field;
- erosion and deposit formation in metallurgical melting furnaces
since 1988 Co-ordinator of a scientific agreement with the Institute of Electrothermal Processes at University of Hannover
1979-1991 Leader of several scientific projects at UL and contracts with WNIIETO in Moscow (U.S.S.R) about mathematical modelling of MHD processes in metallurgical applications
since 1970 Laboratory assistant, engineer, researcher, leading researcher at UL
Research interests
  Mathematical modelling and experimental measurement of fluid flow, heat and mass transfer processes in electroheat equipment and buildings
Foreign experience
X-XI/1998 applications of thermography and heat transfer measurements with the DAAD grant at University of Bundeswehr in Hamburg (Germany)
IV/1995-IV/1996 professor at University of Hannover (Germany) with R. Bosch fund grant
X-XI/1992, XII/1993 modelling of the fibre impregnation processes with the grant from the Academy of Science (Sweden) at Technical University of Lulea
1990-1992, II-IV/1994 numerical calculations of the heat and mass transfer processes in the electroheat equipment with the A. Humboldt fund grants at the Institute of Electroheat of University of Hannover
1985–1986, X-XII/1989 mathematical modelling of MHD flows in induction furnaces with the DAAD grants at University of Hannover (Germany)
Scientific publications
find publications the whole amount - 140, 75 of them in the scientifical magazines (Magnetohydrodynamik, Elektrowärme international, Metallurgical Transactions, Arhiv für Elektrowärme, etc.); during the last three years - 20 publications