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September, 2013

The realization of TEMPUS project, which lasted three years, was successful finished with the closing conference at Samara Technical University in September. The participants of different Russian universities were introduced to:

  • developed program of doctoral training in the Russian technical universities in the field of electrical engineering;
  • 6 developed training courses and prepared content of training materials.

Two 2-week and 4 weeks intensive training courses were realized in the the frame of this project for Russian doctoral students of electro-technical specialities and young lecturers in St. Petersburg, Samara, Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. Both Russian and English version of the 6 collectively prepared text books for theses courses were also presented at the conference.

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April-march, 2013

PhD Igor Pozniak and PhD students Marija Maksimenko, Aleksandr Muratov have practice in our laboratory in the frame of Tempus project. During practice, they have approbated developed course "Special IV - MHD applications in metallurgy", got acquainted with the study process organization in our Faculty and scientific research in the field of MHD at laboratory and at the Institute of Physics. They have also presented their research work at 2 scientific workshops.

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April, 2013

A lecture course for PhD students "Electric process optimization and control" was held from 22nd to 26th April at Samara State Technical University, where the project representative from University of Latvia Andris Jakovičs gave some lectures.

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March, 2013

Three representatives from Novosibirsk State technical university under the management of Dr. Ludmila Goreva have practice in our laboratory in the frame of Tempus project. Intensive work is ongoing to prepare the teaching materials of the field of electroprocess modeling. Guests got acquainted with the teaching process in the Faculty and have presented the results of their research work at the workshop on March 27.

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February, 2013

On February 28 and 29 the project expert group discussions were held at the University of Latvia. The teaching materials for the lecture set "Specific III" to be held in April in Samara were prepared and evaluated. Representatives from Germany, Italy, Poland, Latvia and Russia took part in this meeting.

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November, 2012

Professor Victor Timofeev on Siberian Federal University and three of his doctorants improves her qualification at the laboratory from November, 11 to December, 7. At this time educational materials for special courses "Magnetohydrodynamics applications" was developed. Trainees were introduced to the learning and research processes in department of physics (faculty of physics and mathematics) and institute of physics of University of Latvia, as well as participated in the Baltic ERASMUS MUNDUS/TEMPUS information seminar.

2012 2012

At November, 20 the Professor Victor Timofeev on Siberian Federal University and his doctoral students presented at the Institute of Physics in Salaspilsthe the numerous learning and industrially-oriented scientific research works. The participants were asked a lot of questions. After the workshop, guests were introduced to the Institute´s research in similar area - particulary in modern liquid metal pumping equipment.

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July, 2012

Another project meeting was held on 12-14 July in Gallio (Italy). The plan and materials to be produced by the third specialized course in the section "Optimization and control systems for electrotechnologies" was coordinated there. Press release and video information about this meeting can be found on Asiago city website (in Italian).

Up to now materials for the base course (first and second part) are already fully prepared. The corresponding courses of lectures were delivered for the PhD students in St.Petersburg and Novosibirsk. First specialized part "Inductive heating technologies" is also ready and delivered in St.Petersburg. Almost ready is also the second specialized part "The arc furnace usage theory and practice", lectures of this course are planned to deliver in Novosibirsk in 2012 autumn. The final (fourth) section of the specialized course "MHD technologies" is to be planned in Riga, University of Latvia from 27 to 29 November, 2012.

July, 2011

Editing of the "Basic" training course materils are completed, they are transferred for printing in English and Russian.

May, 2011

In the first half year of project implementation training program and training materials (synopsis and presentation) where prepared as the base course for electrical specialities doctoral candidates in Russian universities. Project participants from our laboratory was prepared chapters on heat flow and process modelling.

The course approbation in the St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University for 20 doctoral students from the four Russian partner institutions was successfully passed from 16th to 28th May.

March, 2011

In implementing the TEMPUS project "PhD Education in Energy Efficient Electrotechnologies at Russian Universities" trainees from Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk visited the Institute of Physics in Salaspils and there became acquainted with the studies carried out in the field of MHD. It is expected that the practice will promote not only the quality of the training project partner university in Krasnoyarsk, but will also stimulate new research contacts and cooperation in industrial technology

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February, 2011

The scientific seminar "Experience and Projects in MHD Research and Production Centre" took place in our Laboratory on February 17, where E. Pavlov, V. Goremikin and M. Katcajuk presented the work done in the field of development of MHD metallurgical devices in Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk headed by prof. V. Timofeyev. Presentations has taked a great interest of audience, especially of Physics Institute researchers. These professionals are trained for a month in our laboratory in the frame of TEMPUS project.

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January, 2011

During the period from November 2010 to October 2012 our laboratory participating in the TEMPUS project "PhD Education in Energy Efficient Electrotechnologies at Russian Universities" (projectno.511086-TEMPUS-1-2010-1-DE-TEMPUS-JPCR). The project coordinator is our perennial partner - Instituteof Electrotechnology of Leibniz Universität Hannover (leader prof. B. Nacke). Partners in the project implementation together with the Latvian University are Padua University in Italy and the Technical University of Silesiain Poland. The project partners in Russiaare St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University, Samara State Technical University, Novosibirsk State Technical University and the Siberian Federal University in Krasnoyarsk.

The project provides the following:

  • Developing a series of courses,lectures and a summary of the training materials (in English and Russian), including heat and mass exchange in electronic technological devices, MHD methods and applications in metallurgy as well as mathematical modelling of multi-physical processes;
  • Approbation of developed courses for doctoral students and new teachers in the mentioned Russian universities;
  • Setting-up hardware and computer equipmentneeded for the training, as well as provide the necessary support to Russia´s partners;
  • To provide the possibility for doctoral students and young teachers from Russian universities to practice an energy efficient technologies in the European Union´s universities.

Researchers from our laboratory (A. Jakovics, S. Pavlovs and others) participate in the project. Theoretical section of the base course for thermal and hydrodynamicis already commenced. Two doctoral students and a teacher of Siberian Federal University will start practice in the laboratory in February. 6 representatives of the partner universities will practice each year at the Universityof Latvia. The first two-week training cycle at Saint Petersburg Electrotechnical University is scheduled in May. Similar training cycles are planned every two years.

The project implementation will contribute important modernization of doctoral studies in the field of energy efficient electrical technologies at Russianun iversities and will promote contacts with appropriate professionals in Russia.

Project management board discussion at the University of Padua