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VIII International Scientific Colloquium
Modelling for Materials Processing
Riga, September 21-22, 2017


Day 1

Opening Session & Plenary Lectures

J. J. Derby
The Synergy of Modeling and Novel Experiments for Melt Crystal Growth Research

V. Bojarevics, A. Tucs
Large Scale Liquid Metal Batteries

S. Spitans, H. Franz, E. Baake
Numerical Aspects of Multiphysical Modelling in ANSYS

Session "Crystal Growth I"

K. Dadzis, R. Menzel, M. Ziem, T.Turschner, H. Riemann, N. V. Abrosimov
High-frequency Heat Induction Modeling for a Novel Silicon Crystal Growth Method

K. Surovovs, M. Plāte, J. Virbulis
The Modelling of Phase Boundaries and Melt Flow in the Crucible-free Silicon Crystal Growth Using High-frequency Induction Heating

C. Stelian, T. Duffar
Modeling Czochralski Growth of Oxide Crystals for Piezoelectric and Optical Applications

J. Seebeck, K. Dadzis, P. Bönisch, J. Friedrich, L. Sylla
Modelling of Industrial Czochralski Processes for Photovoltaic Applications (no paper)

A. Sabanskis, J. Virbulis
Modelling of Thermal Field and Point Defect Dynamics During Silicon Single Crystal Growth Using CZ Technique

Session "Metallurgical Applications I"

S. Spitans, H. Franz, E. Baake, A. Jakovics
Large-scale Levitation Melting and Casting of Titanium Alloys

S. Renaudière de Vaux, R. Zamansky, W. Bergez, P. Tordjeman, V. Bouyer, J.F. Haquet
Influence of Skin Depth on Convective Heat Transfer in Induction Heating

E. Baake, T. Steinberg, S. Spitans
Multi-physical Numerical Modelling of Remelting Processes in a Double Layer Metal Compositions

R. Przylucki , S. Golak, P. Bulinski, J. Smolka, M. Palacz, G. Siwiec, J. Lipart, L. Blacha
Analysis of the Impact of Modification of Cold Crucible Design on the Efficiency of the Cold Crucible Induction Furnace

J. Vencels, A. Jakovics, V. Geza
Simulation of 3D MHD with Free Surface Using Open-source EOF-library

Poster Session

E. Shvydkiy, S. Sarapulov, V. Zaharov, K. Bolotin, I. Smolyanov
Numerical Modelling of Traveling Magnetic Field Stirrer for Liquid Lithium

S. Ivanov, D. Zablockis
A Feasibility Study for High-temperature Titanium Reduction from TiCl4 Using a Magnesiothermic Process

J. Barglik, A. Smagór
Mathematical Modeling of Induction Stirring of Liquid Metal in Crucible Furnace

A. Brēķis, J.E. Freibergs, A. Gailītis, A. Alemany
New Experimental Results from Testing "Space Trips" Facility of Thermoacoustic System Coupled with Magnetohydrodynamic Generator

K. Bergfelds, A. Sabanskis, J. Virbulis
Implementation of Small-scale Laboratory Crystal Growth Furnace for the Development of Mathematical Model for Large-scale Industrial CZ Process

A. Krauze, V. Silamiķelis
Mathematical Modeling of Holding Melting Zone with LF and HF EM Fields in Floating Zone Crystal Growth Facilities

G. Chikvaidze, A. Kravtsov
Detection of Trace Copper Impurities in Silicon Using Low-temperature FTIR-spectroscopy (no paper)

V. Geža, A. Jakovičs, S. Gendelis, I. Usiļonoks
Modeling of Granule Filling in Wall Gap for Estimation of Role of Thermal Convection

I. Barmina, A. Kolmičkovs, R. Valdmanis, S. Vostrikovs, M. Zake
Combustion Dynamics of Biomass Mixtures with Microwave Pre-processing of Pellets

T. Steinberg, T. Opitz, A. Rybakov, E. Baake
Aspects of RF-heating and Gas-phase Doping of Large Scale Silicon Crystals Grown by the Float Zone Technique (no paper)

Session "Crystal Growth II"

F. Zobel, F. Mosel, J. Sørensen, P. Dold
High-frequency Heat Induction Modeling for a Novel Silicon Crystal Growth Method

S. Kayser, A. Lüdge, K. Böttcher
Computational Simulations of the of Lateral-Photovoltage-Scanning - Method

V. Geža, J. Venčels, Ģ. Zāģeris, S. Pavlovs
Numerical Modeling of Surface Waves Generated by Low Frequency Electromagnetic Field for Silicon Refinement Process

A. Kravtsov
Development of Silicon Growth Techniques from a Melt with Surface Heating

A. Krauze, A. Kravtsov, J. Virbulis
Modeling Electron Beam Parameters and Plasma Interface Position in an Anode Plasma Electron Gun with Hydrogen Atmosphere

Day 2

Session "EM Field & Heat Treatment"

M. Ščepanskis, V.Geža, R. Viļums
Connecting Engineering Open Source Software: New Horizon of Modeling Opportunities

A. Dietrich, B. Nacke
Numerical Investigation of Effects on Blanks for Press Hardening Process during Longitudinal Flux Heating

J. Barglik, K. Ducki, D. Kukla, J. Mizera, G. Mrowka-Nowotnik, J. Sieniawski, A. Smalcerz
Comparison of Single and Consecutive Dual Frequency Induction Surface Hardening of Gear Wheels

M. Baldan, T. Steinberg, E. Baake
Self-Adaptive Multimethod Optimization Search Applied to a Tailored Heating Forging Process

M. Birjukovs, A. Jakovics, W. Holweger
Modelling of Thermal Stresses in Bearing Steel Structure Generated by Electrical Current Impulses

Session "Advanced Applications"

T. Kozuka, S. Fukuda
Effect of Magnetic Field on Anodized Oxide Film without Dielectric Breakdown

H. Kalis, M. Marinaki, L. Ozola, U. Strautins, I. Barmina, M. Zake
Mathematical Modelling on Electromagnetic Field Control of the Combustion Process

B. Halbedel, O. Kazak
Development of Electromechanical Principle for Wet and Dry Milling

E. Blumbergs, V. Kagalnickovs, E. Platacis, D. Zablockis
Insight at Electroslag Process for Better Morphology of Titanium Deposits

G. Zageris, V. Geza, A. Jakovics
Numerical Investigation of Slag Formation in an Entrained-flow Gasifier

Session "Metallurgical Applications II"

F. Sarapulov, I. Smolyanov, F. Tarasov, K. Bolotin, E. Shvydkiy
Numerical Simulation of Double Side Linear Induction Pump for Liquid Magnesium

A. Chudnovsky
Physical Modelling of 3D Melts Mixing for Electrometallurgical Aggregates

A. Bojarevičs, I. Kaldre, M. Milgrāvis, T. Beinerts
Direct Chill Casting of Aluminium Alloys under Electromagnetic Interaction

U. Lüdtke, N. Tran Thi Hang
Numerical Simulation of Channel Induction Furnace to Investigate Efficiency for low Frequencies

K. E. Bolotin, I. A. Smolyanov, E. L. Shvidkiy, V. E. Frizen, S. A. Bychkov
Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Stirrer Modernized by Using a Magnetodielectric Composite

Session "Multiphase Processes"

R. Guichou, P. Tordjeman, W. Bergez, R. Zamansky, K. Paumel
Experimental Study of Bubble Detection in Liquid Metal

Ch. Karcher, D. Hernández
Dynamics of Falling Liquid Metal Droplets and Jets Influenced by a Strong Axial Magnetic Field

N. Tran, U. Lüdtke
Numerical Simulation of Two-phase Liquid Metal Interacting with Strongly Inhomogeneous Magnetic Fields

Z. Lyu, Ch. Karcher, A. Thess
Lorentz Force Velocimetry Applied to Liquid Metal Two-phase Flow

V. Dzelme, M. Sarma, A. Jakovics, K. Thomsen
Modelling of Rotating Permanent Magnet Induced Liquid Metal Stirring