Here you can easily calculate the heating and cooling needs for a building using popular building materials and constructions.

Number of heating days - 192 (corresponding to Riga).

- Calculations are based on precise determination of transmission heat loss and approximation of convection heat loss. In the case of recuperation, an efficiency of 80% is assumed.
- Internal sources are considered depending on the building type.
- Solar heat sources are taken into account depending on the window type.
- Thermal bridges are not included in the calculation.

Unheated indoor rooms may also be included in the total heated area, not exceeding 5%.

External and internal finishes (such as plaster and gypsum boards) are included in the calculation of the total heat resistance of the enclosing structures.

To ensure calculation to be as accurate as possible, all the parameters of the building must be given as objectively as possible. Pay special attention to the window area, as this has a very significant effect on the heat balance.

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Development and approbation of complex solutions for optimal inclusion of capillary heat exchangers in nearly zero energy building systems and reduction of primary energy consumption for heating and cooling (